Commercial Break... EXTRA! Tiger's back, with a little help from the great beyond

Here comes Nike's relaunching of the rebranded Tiger Woods, ahead of his return to golfing action at The Masters later today (well I'M excited about it).

Look at him - he's pensive, he's a bit sorrowful, he's older, wiser, possibly still thinking about shagging blondes but certainly doing a good job of hiding it if he is. And who's that talking bollocks at him? Why it's his dead dad Earl!

Thanks Nike - that's some classy work there! Although obviously nicked from that anti-smoking ad starring Yul Brynner that appeared after he died. Actually....


  • Nobby
    If you are unfaithful to your wife, your dad will die. Powerful message.
  • The B.
    If anyone get's the reference: Jesus, what's this guy selling?
  • Nobby
    This version is good ...

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