Commercial Break: Exclusive!* The latest Go Compare ad is here

Here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for – the latest instalment in the long-running series of deeply popular Go Compare adverts.

After the relatively disappointing ‘silent film’ effort last time out, they’ve gone big concept and big budget – the fat bastard is in outer space, helping out some idiot astronauts who have crashed their rocket into a planet. Obviously, they’ll be banging in an insurance claim so it’s a case of ‘right place, right time’ as far as the fat bastard is concerned.

Great work all round – especially the alien chorus towards the end. There’s nowhere else we’d even think of going now for our insurance quote comparison. We’ve written to Go Compare and suggested that the next ad takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear winter, with the fat bastard’s face all melty and hanging off. Here’s hoping...

(*not really an exclusive - Brand Republic got there before we did)


  • w0nKeY h.
    why am I draw to this and more importantly what are hipster kids like BitterWallet doing reading Brand Republic
  • The B.
    Perhaps he can go round and sort my wife out, she crashed her Focus (that I bought her less than a year ago) yesterday in a car park at "5mph" but caved in the front sufficiently the wheel arch bent into the tyre, 5mph my arse.
  • Steve T.
    Noe that was shite
  • Ryan
    It sounds like he's egging on an egaculating grizzly... "Go Cum Bear"

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