Commercial Break: Everyone do the Mattress Ranch dance

Over in the US of America, those kings of lo-fi advertising Rhett And Link now have their own lo-fi cable TV show and even their own awards ceremony, celebrating the finest cheap-as-chips ads made by small businesses across the country.

Ads such as this one, for the Mattress Ranch. It’s all fairly standard stuff until it gets to the end, upon which the king of the Ranch starts bustin’ out some wild moves all over the screen. Maybe his mattresses are filled with asbestos...


  • The B.
    My dad had asbestosis and a mate of mine died of mesothelioma, I don't remember either of them dancing like that, even at the end, just coughed black blood.
  • Sgt M.
    It's a joke guys ^^ Put a downed on things or what.. On a brighter note, the guy is rocking an awesome Sponge Bob Square Pants Tie. Do want

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