Commercial Break: Eats shoots and leaves. And crash-tests Fiats too.

There aren’t many pandas left in the world; sure, we’re all aware of that, but it looks as though Fiat have got one of them in their employ, taking the place of a worn out crash test dummy.

Smart move – it seems to have given Fiat more of an incentive to make their cars safer as this portly young lad is surviving quite nicely in spite of the daily diet of car smashes (and probably some bamboo as well.)

If you think this is a sick, twisted ad, you might be amazed to learn that it recently won the highly-prestigious Gold Lion Award at the Cannes ad festival. Funny old world innit? Unless you're this panda.


  • numberwang
    really nice ad
  • Mark W.
    I 'prefer' the one VW didn't use, about the car bombing terrorist.

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