Commercial Break: Don't say no to the cheese panda...

Panda Cheese. Big in Egypt seemingly. Probably as a result as the punishment doled out by the chief cheese panda whenever anyone rejects the idea of it.

Not sure whether or not the cheese is actually made from genuine panda milk. Much too scared to ask him...



  • Stuart b.
    I thought you prefered bulls milk cheese Andy?
  • dave v.
    best adverts ever!!!
  • Karan
  • Wonky H.
    and I can't mention "you know what" but WTF gets in. Humph.
  • ACID
  • Nobby
    Fucking pandas, they deserve to be extinct.
  • Lonley c.
    I love it , Awsome ad
  • Richard
    that is amazing!!! :-D
  • Commercial B.
    [...] inexplicable animal-based fun following on from yesterday’s orgy of panda menace. This is an old ‘un but that’s no bad thing – some of you weren’t even born when it first [...]
  • HALI
    Reminds me of the Bruins Hockey Rules adverts that were posted a while ago:
  • mo
    Loved these ads when i was in sharm last week how i miss panda cheese (not)
  • זיפט �.
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  • Jo K.
    [...] via Bitter Wallet [...]
  • Don’t M.
    [...] (via bitter wallet) [...]

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