Commercial Break: Don't be a hater, be a skater

Here’s home made cheapo ad geniuses Rhett & Link, back again with a new ad for a rollerskating venue in Reno. Proof, if proof be need be that all The Kids need is somewhere where they can whizz about on wheeled shoes, potentially breaking their necks at any given moment, if they want to get ahead in life.

They’re saying no to crack, gangs and unwanted pregnancies and saying hello to rollerskating. It’s pitched as the answer to all of life’s woes and perhaps they’re right. Then again, it’s got us pondering the concept of rollerskating on crack followed by some wild, spontaneous sex outside, round the back, near the bins. Now we’re confused…


  • DiscountCrack
    You know what; they're right. Go and enjoy wholesome skating or bowling. We were evil all along, destroying society with outr bargain drugs and cheaper-still hookers. Now we finally understand what “think of the children” means. (no – not that you dirty perverts). Sorry gang. DiscountCrack has closed for business. Forever.
  • Blind H.
    I don't know what that was, where i am or if this fucking Braille to text machine is working properly but that was fucking shite! Fuck I thought those little toorags my daughter popped out of here vagina were annoying, putting dogs and cats in front of me so I trip over them! little shits. Whatever that was they should just kill themselves! ::..: :;..:... :;.;.:::....:.:.: :.;:: ERROR :.;..:. sh:.::.!:! Blind Harry.
  • Mike H.
    But I like crack, not the white stuff, the pink crack.
  • Phuck Y.
    The one in the middle is well-fit.
  • Ian H.
    Those girls, they look familiar.
  • Mary H.
    Keeping kids off the streets and in a ‘fake’ roller skating rink where we can ply them with sugary drinks and chips and secretly film them for our personal pleasure and profit at a later date.

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