Commercial Break: Does this give you satisfaction?

9 March 2011

It was International Women’s Day yesterday and Commercial Break solemnly marked the occasion by bringing you an ad filled with Chinese women squeezing their knockers together.

In an attempt to redress the balance, and as a response to the 10,000 complaints that we received, here’s an advert for Equal Pay Day (25th March) instead. As a remake of the iconic Benny Benassi 'Satisfaction' video, sure, there’s scantily-clad women in it, but it’s all far less offensive and less likely to cause mass arousal than yesterday’s offering. Unless, you know, it’s the sort of thing you’re into.

But if we could be serious for a moment, Equal Pay Day is in March because on average, it takes a woman one year and three months to earn what a man earns in a year. Insert your sexist, pig-ignorant retorts to this information below.

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  • Rob
    I thought women get paid less on average because they're more likely to be part time, be off ill, have maternity pay etc.

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