Commercial Break: Does the world need an Old Spice showdown?

Last week, Fabio wafted on to the scene as the new Old Spice Guy, leaving scores of gutted enthusiasts wondering where the old Old Spice Guy had got to. Now it seems as though it was a hostile takeover. Fabio, with the wind blowing through his beautiful locks, has challenged the original OSG to a duel.

And what’s more the challenge has been accepted, in the manner that you would expect...

The ‘duel’ whatever that might be, is scheduled to take place later today. It had better be good as this Old Spice thing is very much starting to disappear up its own aerosol...


  • Justin M.
    The world doesn't even need Old Spice, never mind an actor's showdown over it.
  • Marketing W.
    A non-story about rubbish ads that absolutely nobody is talking about apart from the gay community. Recycle.
  • Me
    I disagree, when Isaiah Mustafa speaks, my lady parts tingle.
  • Bob B.
    Me too, and I don't even have any lady parts. Seriously though trolls.....get a life - these are the best adverts on TV in a very long time.

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