Commercial Break: Doctor Who in his absolute Prime

81977 If you ask us, Doctor Who’s a load of shite these days. For one thing, most of the adventures take place on Earth, which is easily the dullest place in the universe, while for another, the role will soon be played by what is essentially a floppy-haired child. Exterminate!

Everyone who knows a thing or two knows that the greatest Doctor was clearly Tom Baker. Hell, he might be the greatest actor ever. The word ‘understatement’ had been ripped out of the dictionary and thrown out of the window by Baker. Then he took the rest of the dictionary and ate the thing.

Here he is as the Doctor in a series of 1980 ads for Prime computers alongside his hubba-hubba companion Lalla Ward (now Mrs Richard Dawkins, atheism fans!) We’re not sure how a BBC character was allowed to appear in ads almost 30 years ago but we’re not complaining – get a load of the overacting!

Beeb – get rid of the forthcoming fop Doctor and bring back Baker. He’s only 75! But wait – he is back as the Doctor, but in audio form only. Rejoice! We’re nine years old again!


  • zeddy
    So true. Baker was the real Dr. A right scary bastard and no mistake. I noticed that shite about most plots being Earth bound. Fuck sake, it's as bad as American films where every UFO/alien event happens somewhere in middle America.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] in the week, we showcased a series of ads starring Tom Baker as Doctor Who, furiously overplugging some bulky computers that were then possibly the last word in futuristic [...]
  • Jimbo
    Frankly I think that's albsoutely good stuff.

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