Commercial Break: Doc Bottoms and his whole body stink-killer

Summertime, and the living is easy… or so they say. But when you’re spending 16 hours a day cooped in Bitterwallet’s underground HQ, the living is nothing more than exceedingly frigging stinky.

Yes, the heat has an adverse effect on the sweat glands of your crack squad of consumer champions and that’s before you throw in Paul’s addiction to onion bhajis and Vince’s fervent belief that burning patchouli oil around the clock will help him type faster and improve his vocabulary.

As a result, the place is riper than a tramp convention in Tunisia so what we need here, and bloody quickly is an industrial-sized crate of the stuff featured in this ad. It’s Doc Bottoms’ Aspray, the all-over deodorant that you can literally use all over.

Yes sir, that means your arse crack, yes sir that means your feet, and if you’re a woman, yes madam, that means your cleavage. Because guys, we all know there’s nothing worse than a stinking cleavage.

It looks too good be true so we’ll patiently wait for out shipment to arrive before we give you the Bitterwallet verdict. Getting a closer look at the enigmatic Doc Bottoms who supposedly concocted the stuff would be nice too.

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