Commercial Break: Dita von Teats

Must have been a tough day for the creative’s working on this new Perrier campaign.

CREATIVE 1: “Right lads, what can we do to get the punters buying our fizzy water?”

CREATIVE 2: “Hmm, get some bird to pour it all down her tits?”

CREATIVE 1: “Not bad son. Who’s availalable?”

CREATIVE 2: “There's burlesque star Dita Von Teese. She's not really that attractive but I reckon it's the sort of thing she'd be well up for.”

CREATIVE 1: “Brilliant. Get it signed off and we can all go down a fucking sushi bar or something.”

Et voila.


  • Si
    Did it for me ... won't be buying any Perrier though. FAIL!
  • Matt
    Reminds me of the family beer advert... "Buy Partuket Beer and hot women will have sex in your back yard"
  • Perverts
  • Paul C.
    Good luck getting this through the ASA.
  • dai
    Sir, I am confused by your assertion that Dita Von Tesse is "not really that attractive". I fucking would. Best wishes Dai
  • -]
    I guess that by conventional standards she is a munter, but if you are into goff/alt/fetish she is well worth one.
  • joanne
    Getting famous by fucking Marilyn Manson....pass
  • Alexis
    She's gone!
  • Andy D.
    She's back!
  • -]
    Except she was famous before she got with manson - by the time they had married he had faded into obscurity. Having her appear in mobscene just about kept his name in the press.
  • a w.
    ive come
  • Yue
    I like my Perrier served over two lumps too.
  • Bilbo B.
    I'd like to smash her granny in

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