Commercial Break: Derren, here's a proper mentalist

Derren Brown then. He supposedly predicted the winning numbers from last night’s Lotto draw. Or did he? We’ve got a few more-than-plausible theories about what really happened.

One – he wrote the numbers on the balls with some lasers in his eyes after the draw was made. It’s a classic trick.

Two – there were some super-intelligent fleas in the studio with paint on the end of their noses. They heard the numbers being read out and went to work on the balls, undetectable by normal television cameras.

Three – he’s clearly some kind of time traveller or shape shifter. Yeah, shape shifter. That one.

Calls himself a psychic does he? Bollocks. THIS woman is a psychic. She predicted her brother’s death AND survived a car accident that turned her into what is known these days as a ‘mentalist.’ And she’s HOT!


  • Jo B.
    Can he predict buggering off some time soon
  • Tom P.
    Can Mr Brown predict the winner of the "Gigantic Incredible Massive Gignatic Masiisve Bitterwallet Enormo-Prize Giveaway"?
  • My P.
    I cant help but feel that Derren could have put that skill to better use .... if he didnt take the piss and just won it every few weeks no one would notice!
  • Anon
    It's an illusion, he's an illusionist. He's not magic, he's not psyhic; he doesn't claim to be.
  • Deepz
    Few things on this. i) he did not have a printed lottery ticket / show numbers beforehand. this would have been a 'prediction' ii) he did not stand on the side of the balls, which makes me think this is part of the trick ii) there was no audience! How I think he did it: There were 2 cameramen... yet the 'second' one was only shown briefly. He then stood on the side of the TV, one cameraman focussed on him - but froze half the screen with an image. In this time, the 'second' person can change the balls without any trouble because the viewers are watching (audience would have seen this if they were there). Then after the balls have been announced, and the 'second' guy has placed the balls in numerical order... he gets out the way and the 'half screen image' is removed. Then he turns the balls around to find the right numbers... amazing...
  • Graham
    I'm with Deepz in thinking we were looking at split-screen work. Mr B did say in the trailers he was working on misdirection, although I don't think split-screen effects really qualify as misdirection, just trickery.
  • numberwang
    don't think it was split screen because the camera wasn't completely still and the whole image moved not that i think he actually did it that is
  • JP
    Actually if you check, the camera moves the entire time *until* just before he reveals his prediction. Then it goes completely still for a few seconds before resuming movement. I think.

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