Commercial Break: Naughty word in denim nappy ad rocks the USA

Babies are humans too, right? So why should they be excluded from a society that rates people on how cool they are according to their look - even when it comes to the kind of nappy they wear?

Here’s a new American ad for Huggies’ new super-chic denim nappies – although we were all over this concept in the UK a year ago, it seems to have got USA broadcasters up in arms over the gratuitous use of the word 'pooping', with three networks, including ABC refusing to run the ad until the tagline was changed. Lightweights - we're advertising abortions and everything on our tellies over here.

Still though, denim nappies eh? At last kids can piss and shit themselves confidently, knowing that they look great while they’re doing it. Humans everywhere should give themselves a massive pat on the back for being part of a species that has come up with such a terrific leap forward.

Mind you, we prefer the adult version


  • Amanda H.
    Burberry nappies didn't sell very well. The babies kept wearing them with half their ass showing and didn't keep a lot of shit in. A bit like Lady Gaga's music videos.
  • Wibble
    Can I just say.... WTF? Is is dis real?

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