Commercial Break: Dan the man and his solo war on terror

Sick of political advertising at the moment? Go on, just one more. If you’re not sure, we should explain that it starts off like a scene from 24 and ends up as some kind of batshit-mental generalisation on terrorism.

It’s Dan Fanelli, wannabe US of American Congressman and anti-terrorist crusader. Because all terrorists are brown-skinned aren’t they? Aren’t they Dan? So he believes, and he’s going to send them where they belong – “and it’s not the courtroom”. Where then – Aberdeen? Fantasy Island? Chessington World of Adventures? Tell us more Dan!

To be fair, the most bonkers part of it all is when he seems to allude to himself as being ‘ripped’ – i.e. the proud owner of a well-sculpted torso. Come on Dan – show us your nipples!


  • Nobby
    Wonky Henry will be happy.
  • Whopper
    I'm brown skinned. shit, that must make me a terrorist. Fuck me, I never knew that, thanks Dan!

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