Commercial Break: Cravendale are back with a new cat army

A few days ago, a wave of sadness engulfed BWHQ as we learned that it was all over for Cravendale’s cow, pirate and cyclist advert trio. Would we ever see their like again we bawled, as we feasted angrily on the longer-lasting milk while we were still able to cling on to some kind of love and respect for it.

We shouldn’t have been so hasty. We should have known that the Cravendale people would have something else up their sleeves with which to entertain us. Unless you hate cats that is (and even if you do, you’ll probably still like this).

It’s a feline army – aided by evolution and the addition of thumbs to their arsenal. And they’re coming for your milk. This is going to be a long and complicated battle…


  • Fox b.
    Jog on kittys!
  • a c.
    You humans can ignore that advert. Cravendale is homogenised milk and like most cats I prefer non-homogenised milk. I like the cream on top. Later dudes. I'm off to bid on some crap at eBay using my owner's(*) account. (*) She thinks she is the owner, when really I own her ... she works all day so I can laze around the house, sitting in a sunny window and buying crap on eBay and reading crap on BitterWallet.
  • The B.
    Wow, that post by a cat was as funny as a Cravendale advert or indeed an imodium advert, must be the same ad agency.
  • Aleksandr O.
    This advert would have been so much better with meerkats. Simples!

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