Commercial Break: Condom v AIDS - the ultimate showdown

We were going to feature this chortlesome promo yesterday as it was World AIDS Day but the infernal Sun iPhone spoof got there first instead. Still, it gives us all another chance to cast our minds back to that jaw-dropping Sun headline from 1989 – ‘Straight sex can’t give you AIDS – official.’ Erm…

So we’re having World AIDS Day II here at Bitterwallet, with another chance to raise awareness against the ghastliest of all Yankee Doodle–related diseases. This MTV ad shows a condom and AIDS itself pitted in a series of tough challenges.

Who do you think wins? Exactly – every single time. Just like when you put The Sun up against an iPhone.

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  • Nobby
    Hmmm, brussels sprouts covered in cheerios.

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