Commercial Break: Condom mania as ads could hit tea-time TV

There’s been a minor furore over the new plans to show condom ads before the 9pm watershed. Can’t see what the problem with that is but the news coincides with the new ad for Lifestyle’s Skyn brand of johnnies – basically a piece of artfully-shot, borderline soft-bongo.

What kind of resemblance does that bear to real life? Eh? What is there in that ad for a budding Alfie Patten apart from just enough footage of a girl’s arse to get him in the mood?

It’s all wrong we tells ya. Condom commercials peaked in 1991 with this one for Mates, which shows THE TRUTH about the whole sordid business of cock-balloon acquisition. It shall always be this way and let no smart-arse ad tell you otherwise.


  • Biffy
    Coincides well with 11-year olds having the morning after pill available from the school nurse too
  • Noghar
    That's Gina McKee that is, delivering the punchline that's a ripoff from 'Bananas'...
  • acecatcher3
    awesome!! the first ever time i got condoms i was with my girlfriend and it was after college in boots, we got the ones we wanted and went over to the counter to pay, i was feeling a little bit embarrased tbh but all was fine until the lady swiped it thru and told me and my gf that they were buy one get one free, so my gf went to get another packet and took a bloomin age!!! there was a quewe and i was so embarrased i had to stand infront of the thing that shows what the item is haha! anyway she eventually came bk gave the other pack to the lady, paid and were on our way. just glad no1 i knew was shopping in boots that day!!! i think loads of ppl have stories like this really. when i worked in tescos for 3 years on a sunday, i had loads of customers gettin embarrased, some made jokes about it to try and counter their nervousness like "now u know what ill be up to tonight" then hitting a cheesy wink lol!! great stuff, everyone will go thru it at some point!!
  • Lumoruk
    Nah you forget the self service checkouts they have now Luke, no more embarrassing moments to be had for youngsters these days
  • acecatcher3
    o ye lol, still wud b worried if there was a problem with the machine
  • Zeddy
    I'd be more worried if there was a problem with the condom....
  • sam m.
    to acecatcher long time no speak! Well once i use the self service checkout. Use the one with the long convey belt as it was the only one working....and the condoms ended up right at the end of the belt standing up for every1 to see....felt so embarrassed lol
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