Commercial Break: Come with us, to... Megan Fox Island! For a while anyway

Did you know that there are over 6,600 islands around the world, that are each inhabited by a squad of doppelgangers of a different celebrity? It’s true – we definitely saw a story about on once, but it got pulled after about half an hour.

Now the truth can finally be told, in this here Brazilian advert for CCAA, (which some lazy Googling tells us is probably the Children's Chronic Arthritis Association). Revealed for the first time – the joys that are to be found on Megan Fox Island. And the not-so-hot climes of Mike Tyson Island…


  • Yodhe
  • Francisco
    CCAA stands for Centro de Cultura Anglo-Americana (Anglo-American Cultural Centre) and is a big chain of English schools in Brazil.
  • Mike H.
    OK Megan, your next. Please Megans, there is enough of Mike Hock to go around, not all at once please, yes Megan, you may share it with Megan. OK Megan, you sit there. Said Mike, in his dream.

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