Commercial Break: Coke Zero drinkers - shaken not stirred... hold on, that makes no sense

There’s nothing worse than a grand-scale flashmob effort that fails, making everyone involved look like the worst kind of losers and causing the viewer to retreat to his shed and cook up some poison gas from a few tins of soup and some deodorant. That’s not based on any specific incident, oh no, no way sir.

Fortunately, this Coke Zero promo thing works beautifully, throwing innocent unsuspecting train station-dwelling punters into James Bond-type scenarios with some superbly-choreographed obstacles put in their way.

Watch it if you like, enjoy it if you can and either do or don’t indulge in some Coke Zero or the new Bond movie. We’re all free. WE. ARE. ALL. FREE.


  • Natty
    How fake are those winners, bloody setup.
  • Peter W.
    Sorry that was utter garbage.Can't see why jumping over a few oranges and avoiding some dogs on leads is connected with James Bond at all.
  • JellieWellie
    Total fake "participants" - no kids, no women, all 20-30 dressed in hipster garb. Utter shite
  • JellieWellie
    ...and no fatties or uglies Total fix
  • Reser
    Who would honestly do that for a pair of cinema tickets anyway? Fuck that, if it was real they could have done better with the reward.
  • Avon B.
    I'm calling bullshit. A telegenic PC group feigning excitement and delight -- and not actually in any hurry for a train.

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