Commercial Break: Cod in sauce for Shakespeare's lunch

Have we dumbed down as a nation over the past 30 years? It’s hard to tell – on one hand, nine-year-olds can confidently quote European law on corporal punishment in schools whenever their teachers prepare to fling the blackboard rubber at their heads. On the other hand, knuckle injuries are said to be up by 65% since 1979 as more and more of us drag ours along the ground.

So would an advert for Birds Eye’s *delicious* cod in sauce make it to the small screen today if it was littered with Shakespearean references? Fat chance, as the bard himself possibly once said.

Here’s one to help you to judge for yourself, starring the mighty Terry-Thomas as the esteemed playwright and a sprightly June Whitfield (then only 54) as his wife. Who, erm, has a deep freeze in the Shakespearean kitchen.

If it makes no sense, then you’re thicker than you would have been in 1979. If it makes you want to eat Birds Eye cod in sauce, then you definitely are.


  • Junkyard
    Blimey, they don't make em like that any more.
  • Willy S.
    There's a pub near me called the Shakespeare. I'm not allowed in though - I'm bard.

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