Commercial Break: Clever cat mugs stupid other cats

Yesterday we brought you bear violence, today we give you cat violence. This one appeared on the net late last year, but as it heralds from Australia, it’s only just reached us here in the UK now.

It’s a Toyota Corolla ad featuring a cat/human hybrid who raids the HQ of some other ninja cats before nicking their fish and pissing off with their car. He’s clever – he distracts them with a swinging lightbulb you see. Stupid other cats.

It reminded us a bit of the recently-banned and also-ace VW Golf ad – just because there’s loads of fighting in it and we like that kind of thing. We’re not really as complex or sophisticated as you think we are – we spend most of our evenings trawling YouTube for footage of burning motorbikes.


  • Robin
    Silly cat face
  • moorjock

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