Commercial Break: Choose cocking a snook at this rotten Samsung ad

How to make a modern advert: Choose a product. Choose a storyline. Choose a location. Choose a director. Choose some actors. Choose some cameramen. Choose getting everyone together and filming it with a wee break for lunch. Choose an editing suite with loads of fancy fuckin’ computer technology so you can make it all look ten times better than it did on the day. Choose some lovely music. Choose some people to be in a focus group and show them it, then decide that because a couple of the fuckers don’t like your ad, you should chuck it all in the bin. Choose starting all over again until you’ve pished away a quarter of a million fuckin’ quid.

How not to make a modern advert: Gleefully 're-imagine' Trainspotting, a film that was made THIRTEEN years ago.


  • Mike e.
    Choose National Waffle day (even though, the UK is probably one of the lowest waffle consuming nations on the planet, unless you count Potatoe Waffles, which I don't even know exist anymore)
  • Nobby
    I like it. The ad, not the product.
  • andy y.
    The ad carries a simple message.If you buy our phone you are a selfish twat.
  • bernard b.
    You can get still get potato waffles and not just Bird's Eye ones - there are a plethora of fake waffles. I did not like that advert, if you buy that phone you are a selfish twat with money. Everyone hates them.
  • Julian
    This Phone has been made for Students and the Adverts suits the target market The Advert captures the spirit of the product and the target audience
  • cheapskate
    That phone's supposed to be shit with a slow processor - impatience is a virtue? Tough shit, get used to waiting.
  • Jase
    I just don't get it. What exactly makes this phone faster? Does it split-second transfer me to my text message box or calender? Seriously, who's phone is slow enough to think "wow, if I just had this phone...look at all the fun stuff I could be doing!". I'm a pretty impatient person (this PC is 3 years old and gets some flak for being slow), but my 9 month old mobile is fine. And yes, it does suck to try and emulate Trainspotting...

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