Commercial Break: Cash machine

It would have been the mighty Johnny Cash’s 78th birthday today but he lives on among us with the release of his new American VI: Ain’t No Grave album. Oh, and this (slightly too quiet) advert for Lionel Train And Truck Set.

Check out the touching fireside scene at the end as the genuinely unsettling Man In Black bawls the advert’s song at the kids, with one of them looking up at him and smiling sweetly. It’s just twenty five kinds of wrong, right there before your very eyes.

Still, Johnny seems to be more emotionally involved in it all than he is on the second ad, for Amoco petrol. Wonder how many takes he did before capturing this definitive ‘disinterestedly reading the script from a cue card’ performance.

Happy birthday Johnny Cash, you mad, scary bastard.

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  • Nobby
    He obviously did it for the ca.. ca.. ca.. money.

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