Commercial Break: Carte Noire must be shut down at once

Just what manner of advertising hellishness is THIS?? Caffeine-pimpers Carte Noire have taken the utter mannishness of the Old Spice Guy, carefully removed, freeze-dried and burned all of the humour therein, and are now trying to pump coffee-buying thoughts into the women of the land with a series of ‘characters’ who they believe the aforementioned ladies will want to be wooed by or ‘knock boots’ with.


Jesus H McFuckin Christ! How? Why? What? Do the Carte Noire boffins actually believe ANYONE, man, woman or otherwise, is going to rush out and stock up on their liquid ‘product’ as a result of this alleged smoothery? We say ‘Buy Nescafe’ – they might be guilty of retail war crimes in the African territories, but it can’t be more of a crime against humanity than THIS SHITE!

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  • Beverley p.
    I do believe the professionals in the industry call it advertising and marketing! No different to any other ad! My god! Sex sells - dur.

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