Commercial Break: Bragging fantasy football bosses to get what's coming to them

20 August 2010

Any of you play Fantasy Football-type online games then? Bet you spend your Mondays crowing with your workmates about how Darren Bent or Didier Drogba performed so well for you at the weekend don’t you? Well, if this ad from America is anything to go by, there could be some payback due to said footballers.

As you’ll see, a top American fantasy sports lawyer (who looks a lot like actor Gary Busey) is going after fantasy football managers, helping the players get something back in return for the glory that their efforts provide.



  • The B.
    Man, I love Gary Busey, not proper man love you understand, purely in a platonic way, except late at night when I'm all alone and can't sleep.
  • Nobby
    Mondays? I spend monday, tuesday and wednesday going on about it. Thursday and friday are about how I am going to kick their arses again the next weekend.
  • Breadman
    Is it just me that most enjoyed the strict PA at 50 seconds in?
  • yak
    i didnt have drogba this week, brouht him in this week tho... and before his price went up.... woo hoo
  • kev
    that can't be Gary Bussey, he didnt mention God once
  • Mr M.
    America Olivio Fnaar, Fnaar...
  • Mr S.
    Ah, same old Gary. Still as high as Jupiter.

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