Commercial Break: Bra-vo! Kylie ad wins ANOTHER pointless award

Hooray! Kylie Minogue’s iconic ‘bucking bronco’ ad for saucy pants-peddlers Agent Provocateur has scooped up another meaningless award

It’s topped the list of the 'ten best celebrity viral ads of all time' as compiled by previously unheard of online content distributor GoViral. The 2001 ad has supposedly been seen an incredible 350 million times on YouTube.

Other less sexy ads in the list star Ronaldinho, President Obama, Scarlett Johansson and Sarah Silverman. If you ask us, the whole ‘award’ sounds like a cheap, cynical attempt to get publicity for GoViral on the back of THAT Kylie ad, using it to grab the attention of heterosexual men and right-thinking lesbians everywhere.

Still, eh fellas and lesbians…?


  • Lee
    'right-thinking lesbians'? Good grief!
  • The B.
    I am ALL OVER THAT. Sideways, and similar crude references.
  • julian c.
    isn't that advert like 3 years old now? not even that fit. for 30/40 somethings who never grew up with decent pin-ups. enjoy your shit undie porn ad. I'll stick to redtube.

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