Commercial Break: Blockbusting ad for Van Compare

If you were going to make an advert about van insurance comparison, who would be the one rock act that would spring to mind to rope in and do the job? Van Halen? Hmm, maybe, but a bit expensive. Van Morrison? Again, a possibility but he’s a notoriously moody bastard.

How about mid-1970s fly-by-night superstars The Sweet? Er, okay then. Unfortunately, their singer and focal point Brian Connolly is long since dead so the star of the ad will have to be guitarist Andy Scott. Works for us.

Turns out that the owner of Van Compare is a HUGE Sweet fan – in case you were wondering. Cos you were weren’t you?


  • Wonky H.
    The Sweet hey, I bet you would NEVER have posted this if you knew!
  • Alexis
    My dad is!
  • James D.
    This article is about as sweet as my nut sack.
  • the f.
    fox on the run hahahahahaha
  • Angry B.
    I think Mr Dawson is a secret fan of The Sweet. Altogether now..... 'And the man at the back said 'Everyone attack' and we'll turn it into a Ballroom Blitz!' Christ. I worked on hospital radio for too long. I'm only 26 by the way. Ta.
  • ElBuc
    Best cover of Fox On The Run:
  • klingelton
    i was at home watching a 3rd rate tv channel where this ad was shown. I just suspected the business wasn't doing that great and a washed out rocker from 4 years previous was all they could afford. "that was me back then" and you havn't changed a bit. You had no affiliation with vans 40 years ago, and the same is true today.
  • Carl
    Crappy 70's rockers will not grow old gracefully.

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