Commercial Break: Bland sweets, brilliant ads

Can you remember any Skittles adverts that have ever been broadcast here in the UK? We think there was one about some rainbows once and there might have been one where Ian Botham and David Gower wrestled naked in a ball pool filled with the colourful sweets, but apart from that, we’re stumped.

Over in the United States Of The USA, Skittles ads are more of a surreally funny affair and regularly hit the mark when it comes to nabbing laughs. Among our favourites are the one with the beard-eater and the one with the man in the nest.

The latest one is no exception, although it still doesn’t inspire us to go out and buy a packet of the things. The ingredients are a young man with big dreams, his crazed mother, a Skittle tree and a bountiful harvest. It’s a life’s story told in less than half a minute…


  • R K.
    Is that the bird from Donnie Darko? I'll tell you what he said! He asked me to forcibly insert the lifeline exercise card into my anus!
  • Kimbo_frog
    The man is the kid from the GOONIES!!...he hasnt really changed at I know what he has been doing all these years...growing skittles!! yummy
  • Kimbo_frog
    arghh brain meltdown..."little Giants" not goonies
  • iain
    That guy has some serious wood! Just saying :)
  • milky
    isn't she the hooker-lady on "my name is earl"?

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