Commercial Break: Bit of bovver with your breakfast

Following on from the liquid egg story, we’re staying at the breakfast table with this Weetabix ad from the mid 1980s starring the memorable Weetabix skinheads.

This harks back to a long-forgotten time when presumably companies thought it was a good idea to threaten potential customers via their ads. Although maybe it still goes on – we’ll bet there’s a few of you who have had texts from friends reading, ‘Checked into the Premier Inn. No sign of Lenny Henry. Phew!’


  • Mike H.
    Always thought you were a racist, Andy.
  • acecatcher3
    andy can we have a different trolley please, and one of the ones i suggested please.
  • acecatcher3
    o and can u unban my hotmail address from posting please....this is my friends and not to sure hell b happy bout me using it on here.

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