Commercial Break: Birthday boy Cosby gets it massively wrong

Avid reader, it’s my birthday today. As such, I wrote this last night and am now celebrating the anniversary of my arrival into this world that we laughably call ‘the world’ in a pub somewhere.

But I’m not the most talented person to have been born on July 12th – that title belongs to Bill Cosby, and by way of a tribute to the great man, here’s one of the finest moments from his long-running career in advertising.

Oh – it seems that he’s parping up for the benefits of New Coke sometime back in the mid-1980s. Maybe July 12th belongs to Andy Dawson after all…


  • Steve J.
    Happy Birthday to you, hope you choke and go blue, stick your apple up your chapel. Steve Jobsie hates you. Regards, Steve.
  • Nick S.
    It is also my birthday today many happy returns Andy and Bill cosby!
  • The B.
    He's great in Family Guy.
  • Dave L.
    "i'm standing here". He was clearly sitting!!
  • Steve J.
    He's sitting on someone who's standing. (buy the iPad, its brilliant)

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