Commercial Break: Bend It Like Albert

Word is that Salma Hayek is still waiting for a one-hour coaching session with David Beckham that she paid £175,000 for at a Madonna-hosted charity auction in La La Land back in February. Mind you, she’s keeping pretty busy herself.

Maybe Salma should head to Becks’ alma mater – Old Trafford, and have a word with their kit man, Albert Morgan. He’s an old fella but he looks pretty useful. Not sure who the swarthy bloke is though...


  • Dave
    Videos like these a protected by copyright. Just because they are hosted on you tube, doesn't mean that it is ok for you to post them here too! Check the you tube terms and conditions! You break copyright law too by posting it here!!!!!!!!
  • Dave
    Even if it isn't hosted on this site, it is still breaking the law!
  • Dave
    Sorry for the rant by the way, just pissed off
  • Andy D.
    Hi Dave, I've replaced the ad with the version actually posted by Nike on their official YouTube channel. They've enabled embedding of the ad, so I'm assuming that they're happy for the ad to be seen in lots of other places. I believe it's called viral marketing. Night night crimestopper. Andy
  • Carmen V.
    Hi!. Hey for the blog. I

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