Commercial Break: Beer and grot mag purchase goes horribly wrong

There’s not a strong tradition of companies referring to pornography when they’re trying to sell their products and if they were going to mention the old bongo, you’d think they’d do it with some subtlety and a bit of nudge-nudge.

Not so with this new web-only advert for Bud Light. For our poor hero Jim, a simple request for a rhythm magazine to go with his six pack of beer quickly escalates into high farce in just a few minutes. It made us smile and also prompted Vince to go online to see where he could get a copy of Tongue In Cheeks.


  • Joff
    According to IMDB it's a film, not a book. I'd like to see Lionel Blair or Liza Goddard explain that one to Parky. No really, I would.
  • Junkyard
    Yeah that's hilarious, I've never seen that joke done before. And "vibrator" and "dildo" are swearwords now? This ad has as much class as Bud Light has taste.
  • Uncle T.
    About time you lot posted something funny here.
  • Jaimie B.
    Wake up in the morning feeling like a Porn Star.

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