Commercial Break: Beckham's pimping the wrong liquid

It’s probably almost a decade since he did anything notable on a football pitch, but David Beckham will not be stopped when it comes to establishing himself as a global brand.

Here he is furrowing his brow and running about while looking like a complete cock in an attempt to flog bottles of his new liquid stink ‘Homme’. What a bell-end.

By way of a comparison, here’s another England legend, Bobby Moore, plugging a very different product/service – the pub. That’s more like it.


  • David B.
    As an avid reader of Bitterwallet I am disgusted at this story. Footballers should smell like flowers, not of beer.
  • Pip
    Is that a young Martin Peters going completely unmentioned in the Bobby Moore ad?
  • crap
    Another shit story by Andy Dawson who's clearly on his period and jealous that Beckham's being paid millions to look like a "bell-end", and Andy's being paid peanuts to also look like a bell-end.

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