Commercial Break: Beatles Rock Band is almost here!

A couple of months ago, we had a bit of a sour-mouthed whinge about the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game ($250 for the Premium Bundle!) but now that we’ve seen the trailer for the game, we take every word of it back. Right now, Beatles Rock Band seems like it could be the most fun thing in the world that doesn’t involve sparking up a cig and basking in a warm glow afterwards.

Jesus, just look at it and listen to the phenomenal music! Unless you’ve got ears fashioned from the roughest, most useless kind of hessian, you can’t fail to be deeply aroused by the idea of this game. In fact the word ‘game’ doesn’t begin to do it justice.

Even if you don’t care or understand about Rock Band, this trailer should at the very least make you want to spend the remainder of the day listening to the Fab Four’s back catalogue. Go on, walk out of work now. Just tell your boss, “Sorry mate but bollocks to this – I’m off home to listen to The Beatles. Might see you tomorrow.”

Be warned though – the trailer does contain ‘mild lyrics’ and a ‘tobacco reference’ so strap yourself down somewhere that’s well away from any sharp objects before you watch it. Peace and love, peace and love.


  • Mike H.
    Oh joy, yet another excuse to stay indoors and whittle away your sad life. Me? I'm off on the motorbike mate. “Sorry mate but bollocks to this – I’m off home to be sad and listen to some crappy Beatles music all by myself. Might see you tomorrow, if I haven't ended my sad little life with the iron.”
  • Lefty
    I reckon if the Beatles were a new band today and they came out with songs like this, they would still be as successful as they were. They might even be winning contenders for shite "britains got talent" or even the "X factor".
  • Dan
    These songs better copy across to RB2..
  • paulfacartney
    Beatles? Mostly garbage. Don't give me that "music wouldn't be what it is today without them" - music would have managed just fine thanks.
  • Maxib0y
    @ Anyone saying the Beatles are overrated/crap etc. whatever or anyone planning on saying it. You have absolutely no understanding of music. Full stop, have a nice day!

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