Commercial Break: Batman & Robin beaten by 1960s gender pay laws

Burt Ward is 64 today. Better known of course as Robin in the 1960s TV version of Batman, it’s hard to imagine Ward still prancing around in the Boy Wonder’s tights at his age. Although if you’ve read any of his lurid autobiography, the image of a 64 year-old bloke in tights would be a veritable picnic in comparison to some of the stuff he got up to off-screen.

Commemorate Burt’s birthday by grabbing a DVD copy of the 2003 film ‘Return To The Batcave’ where Ward and co-star Adam West have to track down the stolen Batmobile. It’ll cost you just one pound. Maybe what you’d really like to see is the Dynamic Duo appearing with Batgirl in a 1966 public service announcement about gender-equal pay. Okay then, here you go…

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