Commercial Break: Batman helps ordinary folk become financial heroes

Here’s a set of new ads for the US financial network Lending Tree. They cast ordinary citizens as potential superheroes in the fight against financial misdoings by others.

It’s a flimsy concept, but the ads are elevated to the level of near-genius by some gloriously blustery voiceover work by Adam West (the 1960s TV Batman of course.)

You can almost see 80 year-old West’s over-the-top acting in your mind’s eye as his magnificent verbal billowing takes the English language on a rollercoaster ride. It’s even better if you imagine him doing it as Batman.

[Ad Freak]


  • Hilly
    It's even better if you imagine him doing it as Mayor Adam West....
  • Nobby
    It's even better still if you imagine him doing the bird in #2 as Mayor Adam West.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] Commercial Break starred the majestic vocal chords of Adam West, best known as the 1960s TV incarnation of Batman (still the best no matter what anyone [...]

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