Commercial Break: Band nerds parp back at jocks with touching rallying cry

There’s a revolution going on in the tired, amateurish world of local commercials in the US and Rhett & Link are the smart, imaginative dudes behind it.

Following the success of their brilliant, racism-shattering Red House Furniture ad from earlier in the year, they’re running a competition where local companies can be nominated for the unique Rhett & Link treatment.

The first winner is Ray's Midbell Music, a musical instrument shop in Sioux City, Iowa. As well as advertising the store, the poem/rap is a war cry for all nerds, geeks and miscellaneous types who end up in the school band and find themselves the target of sneering jocks.

Oddly, it seems that the store is staffed entirely by nerds, geeks and miscellaneous types, most of whom have no discernible musical ability. Great ad though…

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  • iCock
    I've gotta say it.... I can't even consider attempting to stop myself. F***ING SH*T!!!! That would sooooooooooooooo put me off ever going to that shop, or even learning a musical instrument. I'm so glad I didn't see that when I was a kid!

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