Commercial Break: Ban this filth! (part two)

Want to see 30 seconds of footage of a bunch of old codgers trying various sexual positions out with each other? It’s okay – it’s a public service announcement in the name of raising awareness of safe sex among coffin dodgers (although that might be all that’s getting raised).

Also, they very much keep all their clothes on, so in a way it’s almost cute. Erm….


  • Commander S.
    What ever happened to all the foxes?
  • Boris
    You can't have it both ways Sela.
  • catweazle
    Boris, you can have it many ways according to the video.
  • Commander D.
    I know many different ways and are well versed in numerous techniques, they are stored in my data banks. I will also post a video on YouTube showing you the best way to bang a fox.
  • Biff W.
    I fucked lassie
  • Prince Y.
    I fucked Benji
  • Mary H.
    I fucked Gentle Ben
  • Mike H.
    I fucked Flipper
  • Prince Y.
    I saw a droid fucking Gentle Ben while he was fucking Flipper.
  • Prince Y.
    Funny little fellow he was, all white with yellow eyes.
  • Dogturd A.
    And following the theme of these comments, I need to change my name.

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