Commercial Break: Bad vibes for bad breath French types

19 April 2012

We’ve all met them – those vile members of society who think it’s fine to go around brandishing breath that smells as if it’s come straight out of a cow’s arse. Worse still they insist on talking to us or travelling on public transport, infesting our nostrils with their dirty face-smells.

It’s obviously a big problem over in France (possibly as a result of all the garlic and onions that they scoff) and mint-makers TicTac have had enough of it, shaming selected culprits in this elaborate advert. Warning: contains flashmobbery.


  • The B.
    Maybe Gillette could do one in France about armpits.
  • Sebastian
    That advert would have been awesome if there was 100% less French in it.
  • Mike H.
    A little stereotypical and mildly racist? We all hate the frogs with their berrets and stripy tops, but there's no need for that behaviour.

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