Commercial Break: Back seat noise is piggin' annoying

You know the nursery rhyme about the little piggies? No, not that one, that’s not a nursery rhyme. You know, the one where the last little goes ‘Wheee wheee wheee' all the way home. Yeah, that one.

Well, American company Geico (no, us neither) have taken that nursery rhyme and made it for real in this new advert for whatever the hell it is that they sell ( we don’t care).

What we do care about is that our interminable intern Maths Mike has brought his little brother Marvin into BW HQ today, and the ad made Marvin jump up and down and clap his hands with delight. He’s watched it 64 times now. Maybe we gave him too many Coco Pops earlier...


  • Nobby
    They should cut it's throat, bleed it, and then make sausages.
  • Cathy
    I kinda think its cuter than the other ones he has out .. just hearing it makes me laugh..

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