Commercial Break Awards Special: Big Gong For Kylie Bronco Ad

As the Brits, Oscars and Baftas lurk around the corner*, it seems that the awards season is truly upon us. The latest shiny trinket to be doled out is for the Ultimate Cinema Ad, something unfeasibly close to Commercial Break’s heart.

The poll was launched by cinema advertising sales house Digital Cinema Media and oh look – the winner is Kylie Minogue’s 'bucking bronco' Agent Provocateur ad from 2001. Well done Kylie! So, in case you’ve never seen it before or have simply forgotten it (???), here it is again.

You can check out the runners up in the poll at the DCM website. They're okay as well we suppose.

* Let’s face it, they’re all hanging on the coat tails of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain Award.


  • Andy
    .... I never thought I'd find that woman hot.. GOD DAMN!
  • Daniel
  • A. S.
    I remember 'Channel 4' showing this ad as part of a programme about, unsurprisingly, risque and supposedly-banned advertising, where, because the ad had been banned in the U.K., it couldn't bee shown in the ad breaks during the programme, to 'protect' the sensibilities of the viewers. You could see it before and after the ad break, but not as part of it.
  • Avelina W.
    Kylie Minogue is a world famous star as being one of the big guests in a fabulous $30 million mega-party in front an array of Hollywood stars at the opening of the multi-billion dollar Atlantis Palms Hotel in Dubai. She is a very good performer.

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