Commercial Break: At last - BBQ and foot massage under one roof

A few months ago, we gave you a peek into Toby Jones’ cheap but slightly ramshackle storage yard – for $10.99, he’ll let you store anything and he couldn’t give a toss what it is.

Now, seemingly flushed with the success of that particular venture, he’s back, offering barbecue and foot massages, all in the same location. Thing is, he’s calling it barbecue but it seems to just involve deep frying anything and everything, including dinosaur meat. The BBQ sauces only come seem to come out when there’s feet that need rubbing.

As Toby says, “If it’ll fit through the door, I’ll put it in the fryer.” Not sure how realistically real any of this is, but we’re happy to buy into it – just as long as the franchise doesn’t spread to the UK.

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