Commercial Break: Are you aware? You soon will be

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but there can be no harm done if we start early with this public service ad by the ReThink Breast Cancer organisation.

To some, this ad might be seen as a cheap and gratuitous excuse to pander to fans of lazy sexism. But it isn’t – trust us. The more you watch it, the more you’ll find your awareness being raised.

We’ve had it on a loop most of the morning and we’ve got new levels of awareness that we never thought were possible.

Save the boobs, yeah?


  • Tom P.
    That reminds me, i need a couple of new pillows from the Dunelm shop.
  • zeddy
    I wish she would save me some!
  • Davina R.
    Breast Cancer Awareness is such a worthwhile cause, and it's great that so many companies are pledging their support financially - hopefully together we can make a big impact! If any ladies are looking to update their hallway or back doorstep with a shiny new doormat, now's the time to buy as I've found that will be donating £1 per sale this month for Breast Cancer Awareness - which is rather nice! If more suppliers started committing to raise funds we could raise so much money without actively trying to do so. Hope the heads up helps! Do you know of any other companies doing this too?
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