Commercial Break: Another PETA ad that won't make you want to nibble on something meaty

Animal rights activoids PETA are back with another example of their winning advertising strategy – namely get the blokes interested by presenting them with some eye-candy and a ‘meat is bad’ message. Usually they use still pictures, but this time around, the eye-candy has spoken.

It’s barely-legal plenty-famous Courtney Stodden, a woman (well, she’s 17) who was recently pictured tottering around a beach in a pair of stripper heels with her 51-year-old husband. Quite a role model. Apropos of nothing, she’s showing off quite a lot of her knockers in this garbled pro-vegetarianism speech. Just saying.


  • Mike H.
    Nice, check out that growler.
  • Dick
    1:34 MMMMmmmm. Sausages.
  • Keith
    Unfortunately, boobies don't stop PETA being mental, nice try tho guys :)

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