Commercial Break: And then a hero comes along...

Attention citizens! There’s a new gold-buying man jostling for position in the already-bulging gold-buying market… and he wants to give you money… for your gold. Better still… he’s a superhero!

Here’s GoldBuyerMan (hell of an original name) coming to the aid of the woman who used to work in the reception of the Travel Tavern where Alan Partridge used to live a few years ago.

We’re guessing that she was sacked following this outburst against Alan and has fallen on hard times, so much so that she has had to resort to selling off all of her broken and unwanted gold. Shame.

Luckily GoldBuyerMan has pitched up in his, erm, clapped-out old Ford, and is analysing her gold with his X-ray vision before giving her a price that we’re CERTAIN is fair and in keeping with the current market rate.

After all, he’s a superhero and not just another shady crook looking to make a few quid at the expense of those who have been royally fucked by the recession.

Thank you GoldBuyerMan! We love you GoldBuyerMan!


  • Shooter M.
    Dunno about his prices, but Goldbuyerman seems to have overwhelming halitosis judging by the poor woman's reaction
  • Jase
    sister company of
  • Nobby
    When he whsipers, he just says anal.
  • LanceVance
    Is he the bastard brother of "You buy one you get one free, ah say you buy one you get one free" safestyleman?? On another note, try if you want the best prices for your left over crimbmas treats.
  • Me
    It's the original mum off My Parents Are Aliens. I wondered why she'd resorted to this drivel.
  • Brian
    Brian here. Looks like a good advert to me.
  • Linzi
    I actually really like the advert - The lady makes me laugh. GBM is cheesy but definately worth a look at. I have tested a few gold buying websites and Gold Buyer Man offered me the best price. Double what cash4gold and money4gold were offering. What I think is worst is the new Dale Winton advert. Hes definately been tangoed and also the people in the background must be actors... Postal golds new jingle with gold naked men in the background got to be worst add of all time - next to go compare...
  • Gold W.
    [...] (Via Bitterwallet) [...]
  • Jack
    He offered her oral
  • Jack
    "It’s the original mum off My Parents Are Aliens. I wondered why she’d resorted to this drivel." Haha, I was sad enough to recognise this too. This is stooping to low low levels
  • Shooter M.
    Nobby wins this thread

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