Commercial Break: An udderly bizarre biscuit ad

16 June 2009

Some lateral thinking has been well and truly applied for today’s ad. With a long-standing brand slogan for Oreo cookies of ‘milk’s favourite cookie,’ where should the ad men go to prove the point?

Right to the source, that’s where – namely, a set of cow udders in the middle of a field, shown here to be yearning for an Oreo as a small boy taunts them with one of the biscuty treats.

So we’ve got one of the biggest biscuit brands in the world, an unsupervised boy kneeling next to a potentially-volatile cow and a set of moaning teats who want his Oreo. What’s not to be puzzled about?


  • Francis R.
    OREO's don't taste of anything, which leads me to believe they are made from black 'sintered' dust and filled with white paint, mixed with dust.
  • The B.
    That cows arse frankly surmises everything you need to know about the flavour of Oreo's, and for that matter Hersheys.
  • Mickey
    Oreos are awesome, kindly stfuppercut.
  • Tom P.
    That cow is pretty clever doing that with her udders....but i can do similar, i put my hands behind my neck and can move my knob left or right at will. Perhaps we should team up for a freak show at Glastonbury?
  • Francis R.
    OREO's are shite Mickey, eat something more tastey, such as my fist. Your mum loves my fist.

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