Commercial Break: An ad that could polar-ise opinion

Hardcore anti-aviation pressure group Plane Stupid have put the ‘mental’ into ‘environmental activism’ with this new ad which is presumably designed to generate sympathy for their cause.

It could go either way however, depending on how you feel about watching realistic-looking footage of polar bears falling out of the sky and splattering on the ground. If that idea doesn’t make you feel uneasy, there’s even a stylistic nod to the desperate 9/11 jumpers as well.

It’s the kind of ad that can only be made in one of two ways – either from a pathological belief in the cause that you’re fighting for or from the continual ingestion of huge quantities of crack. We’re certain it’s the former in this case.

In case you hadn’t been paying attention, some of you may find this advert disturbing…


  • Steve
    These people clearly have too much time and money. And besides, I'd rather have 400KG of greenhouse gases land on my car than a Polar Bear! Actually, I might just take a quick flight to France for the fun of it........
  • Nobby
    Didn't polar bears learn anything from the story of Icarus? Don't fly so close to the sun. Stupid polar bears.
  • The B.
    In principal I agree with Plane Stupid, it's just that I can't warrant a bunch of tedious, middle class, student wankers with more money than sense any of my time or attention.
  • A P.
    How silly this whole thing is. What is significant about 400kg of carbon dioxide? Is it a lot? Or are we just supposed to go 'awh big number' and placidly nod in agreement? And polar bears are falling out of the sky? Presumably from a plane. If so, how much co2 has their flight generated? Stupid self-harming wankers.
  • Big D.
    If the polar bear shits itself (as it would dropping from that height) would its methane gas just not add to the greenhouse gas its offsetting?
  • Shooter M.
    The polar bears were obviously planning some penguin genocide and were flying southbound to execute their barbarous scheme. In which case, fuck 'em. Penguins ftw.
  • SJT
    Gah, I f***ing hate all these climate change ads ramming it down your throat. P*SS OFF!
  • charitynjw
    Makes a change from raining cats & dogs! Maybe they're not polar bears - it might be a preview of bankers in white fur coats approx 10am wednesday morning!!!
  • Darren
    Who gives a shit if they all die out from climate change, its not like im ever going to see these in the wild... along with every other endangered animal, and they will always be bred throughout the zoo's around the world anyway... so let them all die, let the human race consume this planet..... as long as I can see it at the zoo then Im fine with that!
  • Boris J.
    That was the funniest thing I've seen all day. If anything, it makes me want to fly more. Wonder what falls out of the sky in the North Pole..? Cows probably.
  • Mandy B.
    Do polar bears ingest crack? I doubt it, ingesting freebase cocaine would be pointless. I bet they smoke it though, the dirty little bastards. Wired polar bears sat monging after a big £250 rock as big as an average mans head.

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