Commercial Break: All hail the Pocket Chair!

According to some more statistics that we just pulled out of our back pyjama area, thousands of people die every year purely because they can’t find anywhere to sit down. They either become distressed or their legs seize up and they die. It’s sad but true.

Millions of lives will now be saved and society enhanced forever thanks to the Pocket Chair. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’ve got this (admittedly tiny) item about your person, you’ll always be able to rest your arse somewhere.

See the evidence in the ad for it - Gail S describes the Pocket Chair as ‘a life saver’ – something which almost certainly backs up our stats. And don’t get us started on the fun that could be had at a Pocket Chair party….

[Robert Popper]


  • Nick T.
    Only American jeans would have pockets THAT big. And don't you think there's a touch of the Charlie Brookers about the presenter?
  • brian
    that'll be really handy at glastonbury! or camping. I would agree that it isn't really pocket size though
  • Stu_
    They sell these in the 99p store. I wonder if, with marketing, you can sell these as a gimmick for £20.
  • Andrew
    These were being advertised on TV when I was in the US recently. This video misses out the classic "But wait!" and "There's more!", where they half the price and double the amount of chairs if you call within the next hour. "Youjustpayshippingandhandling," which is $8 per chair or something.
  • jeane
    everyone is sitting down on them so gingerly - as if waiting for them to collapse at any second.
  • smashingnicey
    I always keep one in my tacklebox for when I fancy a bit of tailgating

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