Commercial Break: All hail a new Old Spice ad!

Phew - we’ve just got back from the Cannes Advertising Festival, and wow, what a groovy scene it was over there. It’s an amazing place - there’s a arcade game where you get to be a cowboy and sit on a horse, firing your gun at some Indians on horseback as they slowly trot by and the hotel served seven types of cheeses.

Yeah, we WERE there. How else would we know that the very excellent Old Spice ads (as directed by Tim & Eric) won the big prize for being best at advertising, eh? Because we were there. Thank you.

Anyway, as if to celebrate their big win, the big stink-preventers at Old Spice have commissioned a new ad featuring their cooler-than-thou hero. He’s still the man that none of us will never be and he’s got a new mode of transport as well. Swan dive!

You can see the complete range of award-winning Old Spice ads here and here.


  • DragonChris
  • Nobby
    Will it turn my skin black?
  • Steve
    Absolutely soddingly beautiful. I shall now watch it again.
  • Captain B.
    [...] Old Spice made everyone on Earth laugh with their commercials, advertisers have been trying to get in on the irreverent action. And so, [...]

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