Commercial Break: Ads are easy peasy for Hollywood mavericks

53918_original Willem Dafoe is no ordinary actor. He’s played some of the most twisted characters in recent cinema history, and if that’s not all, he’s a pretty deep thinker too.

Here are some of his more memorable quotes…

“I guess they often cast me as the bad guy, because I'm not, er, conventional looking. I look sort of violent. I'm the odd one out, the outsider.”

“I have a deep fascination with the lives of monks. But, then, I'm fascinated by criminality, too.”

“Sometimes, I like to act in something where I can drop my pants and shake my bare ass. That's the excitement of being a performer.”

“We are all capable of everything. I could be a thief. I could be a murderer. I could be anything at all. But, above all, I think I am a seeker.”

He’s right. He could be a thief, a murderer or a seeker. But it just so happens that in this new advert for Birds Eye frozen peas, Willen Dafoe is a stuffed polar bear.

The only reason we can think for doing this is that Orson Welles also once advertised Findus frozen peas and that Dafoe believes he's following some grand actorly tradition, although Welles made a bit of a song and dance of his ad. Oh and the money. He might have done it for the money.


  • Nobby
    The bear is naked but at least you cannot see his cock. Unlike Willem Dafoe in Antichrist.
  • O2
    So what the hell happened to O2 last night?!
  • Amanda H.
    I would have had Steve Buscemi for the job. In fact Steve Buscemi's voice should be cloned and implanted in all politicians, including the male ones.
  • delrio
    ok that's creepy - i just watched this - in fact i still had the page open, when the ad came on tv, but it was the fish fingers one rather than the peas
  • Pankaj
    Can`t wait to watch my fav characters cindrella , snow white & Sleeping beauty in Shrek Forever After..check this out

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